Shameless Teen Lured A 3-Year-Old Girl With A Chocolate And Then Inflicted Physical And Sexual Abuse


Bangladesh, an impoverished country with still 70% of narrow-minded people. Now the news comes from a small are called Bosila in Dhaka.

Employee Of A Nearby Goods Store

A teen attacked a 3 and-a-half-year-old baby girl in the Bosila area on the night of February 3, 2020. The police started looking into the matter, and the investigation finally led them to the true criminal.

Police found and arrested a 14-year-old child who worked at a Kirana store in the area. The victim’s family even released an argument about the attack with the authorities. That’s what led the officers to get a hold of that 14-year-old who was somewhat missing.

The Temptation Of Chocolate To A Toddler

A 14-year-old kid abused physically and sexually a mere 3-year-old girl. According to reports, the suspect provided the little girl with a bar of chocolate and then took her inside the store. The chocolate was the toddler’s favorite, and that made her go inside. There was no one else available at the moment, but it is not clear where her parents were at the time as the incident happened at night.

The store was officially closed, and the owner of the store trusted the suspect to shut off the business for the day late at night. Like any impoverished country, the owner went home, leaving the suspect in charge. It could not have been the first time that kid was in charge of the store, but it was the first time this kid became a criminal.

Toddler Told Her House

It is believed that after the incident, the toddler revealed the horror to her parents, who then filed the report. They officially reported abuse that was inflicted upon a 3-year-old girl by a 14-year-old boy. It is beyond shameful to even think about the incident.


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