Murderer Who Was Imprisoned In Cook County’s Jail Found Unresponsive After Sharing The Cell With A Rival Gang


The Man Was Beaten To Death:

A 19-Year-old murderer who was accused. And is beaten to death, named as Pedro Ruiz, in his cook county jail, was locked in a two-person cell with a violent member of a rival gang, as stated by the sources of the Cook County Sheriff’s office, he was beaten to death in his cook county jail cell over the weekend.

It Still Remains A Mystery:

The thing that how he managed to be locked up in a two-person cell with the rival gang member named as Satan Disciple gang member who had already been accused of multiple murders lies a secret still. They two gangs were said to have embroiled in a bloody street war. Though the police is trying to solve this mystery, they are still left without an answer.

The Investigating Team Was Silent:

Upon this case, the investigating team. That is involved, prefers to remain silent, the Cook County Sheriff’s office was not ready to answer any questions of CWBchicago, about the murder that took place, they prefer staying quiet and then investigating, it is maybe because the incident has left them devoid of any word. They also remained quiet about the tool that is popularly known as jail’s intake screening procedures, and it was even heard that the machine is probably going to be terminated as the politicians as well as the activists stood against it and supported its destruction.

The Dead Was Transferred To The Respective Jail:

It also came to light that the dead man. Pedro Ruiz was charged with first-degree murder and also aggravated battery with a firearm, and records show that the jail in which he was murdered was the one where he got transferred, it was in less than 12 hours that he was found unresponsive, after being transferred to the jail.


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