Innocent Bystander Got Hit By A Cold Heavy Bottle Of Soda Just For Doing Nothing


An innocent bystander got hit by a bottle of soda. The police do not mention the details of this man. It was his fate that he got in between the fight two women were having outside a store.

A Cold Bottle Of Soda Thrown At A Bystander

A bystander got hit by a bottle of soda, which was thrown by a woman to injure a person she was fighting or arguing with. She was in a massive fight or argument with a woman at a Chambersburg Sheetz, Pennsylvania, this week.

The police revealed the suspect as 22-year-old Kayla Renner. This fight was not her first time. She had engaged in several battles against another female over some past issues. They were arguing on Monday at the convenience store at 975 Norland Avenue. When residents of that particular area called 911, Chambersburg police arrived at the scene. It was not revealed what relationship Renner had with the woman she was fighting with, but it is only said that they had an old enmity with each other. That day they just bumped into each other in from the of the store that reminded them of the past fights, but another innocent man got the punishment.

Threw The Bottle But Missed The Intentional Victim

Renner threw a soda bottle at the woman with whom she was fighting, but she reportedly dodged it. She missed the victim, and the bottle instead hit an innocent bystander. The relation of that man on the scene is not clear. The description of this man is also not clear and known.

Renner was taken into police custody at the scene. She is currently facing charges with disorderly conduct and was taken to a correctional facility. She is supposed to appear in court this week, but the date is not yet decided. Throwing a soda bottle is not a crime. That’s why she was booked for fighting in a public place and not for attacking. Even the victim is not known where he went, or was he at the scene when the police arrived.


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