“I Felt Like I Was Dying”: Justin Bieber Opens Up About Traumatising Past And Addiction; Says Security Checked His Pulse Everyday


Justin Bieber has come a long way. And with fame comes hardships, downfalls and a lot of trauma too. Moreover, the Canadian singer opens up about his life in his new YouTube Original Docuseries, “Seasons.” In a recent episode, he revealed his first time smoking weed. And the most surprising thing is that Justin first it at the young age of 12 or 13 years.

Justin first smoked up at the age of 12

Besides, it didn’t take long for him to realize that he liked it a lot. And he quickly got hooked. He liked many other drugs along with weed too. Some of them included lean, which is a mix of codeine cough syrup, soda, and candy. Not only that, but also molly as well as “magic mushrooms.”

His addiction kept growing, and before he knew it, he started smoking blunts and popping pills. That too, every single morning. It got to the level that his security had to check his pulse every night. To make sure he’s okay. Moreover, at this point, he decided to stop. “I felt like I was … dying,” Bieber said in the episode.

He blames his sudden rise to fame as the cause of his addiction

Justin also added that people don’t understand how crazy and seriously scary it got. He opens up about his addiction and well as his recovery for the majority of the 15-minute episode. Regardless, the entire story gives a bit that his abuse came from his unstable childhood. Along with his sudden and swift rise to fame, which messed him at some point.

Patricia Mallette, Justin’s mom, had him at just 18 years. At the time, she had a very conflicted relationship with his dad. Bieber makes neurologist, Dr. Daniel Amen made an appearance in the episode, saying that it led to chronic stress. Besides, his mom worked many jobs at a time to support the two.

Justin adds that he never had any security or reliability from his family. He never understood how the world works because of his chaotic household. This led to him getting into trouble at school, with people, and finally with the law. He started getting DIU’s, and his addiction came up.

Bieber’s mother also had a rough and abusive past

While he stopped doing drugs at a point, he never got to find the reason it started in the first place. And soon enough, he relapsed. But this time, he made sure to understand the cause. However, genes also play a role here. Justin’s mom herself had a rough past, filled with addictions. She allegedly went through a lot of trauma and incidents of sexual abuse too.


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