Female Crushed To Death After A ‘Garage Party On Fire’ Turns Into A Terrifying Show


A Russian female medical student was crushed to death due to the weight of snow when a timber roof fell to the ground in at an underground garage party in Siberia. 

22-year-old Crushed To Death

Tuyana Prushenova, 22-year-old. Faced her death when the thickly-packed snow caused the entire roof to collapse within the disused cafe in the scientific research city of Akademgorodok, Novosibirsk. 

Four of the 200 people who attended the party were injured including a man who suffered a fracture near the pelvis, and a woman who broke her ankle at the 4 am rave with two other people suffering from frostbite.

All the partygoers were filmed dancing during the night. In the video, all of them seem to have so much dancing and singing songs.

A total of Two-hundred people attended the underground garage party in Siberia.

When the roof collapsed, Emergency service rushed to the scene which is filled with snow and rubble from the timber roof.

Rescuers immediately try to uncover all the snow. And they discovered evidence from the scene after the roof of the makeshift annexe to the abandoned building collapsed under the weight of snow.

The entire snow is seen covering the floor of the garage after the roof collapsed as party lights remain on.

Videos Were taken During The Party

Some of the partygoers who were making videos. Also filmed footage minutes before the collapse, captioned ‘walter garage party on fire. In the video, it can be seen that people are dancing together with multicoloured party lights lighting up the room. 

However, another video was taken, which showed the aftermath of the terrifying incident. The video shows emergency services staff trying to clear up the scene and wade through the piles of snow and rubble. 

People are trying to search the scene for other injured people after the horrible incident in freezing temperatures of -20c.

Partygoers were wearing their warm clothes like coats to exit the illegal bash at the time of the tragedy.

When questioned, one of the witnesses stated that ‘The music was thunderous when I heard a sudden crack, and then a girl screamed,’ according to The Siberian Times. He added, ‘I rushed towards the door and jumped outside. There were guys inside the cloakroom when it happened.’

The head of the organised event, a 27-year-old man was taken into police custody, said the Russian investigative committee.


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