Felony Of Disrupting Public Services On Man: Calls Police More Than 25 Times To Find His Missing Hoodie


A man in the Northside had been taken by the police and has been asked to be presented at the court. The reason for arresting him is, bizarre, and it might put you in a state of confusion. Yes, you would never encounter such a stupid case in which there was no crime, but still, the suspect was arrested.

Why The suspect Is Being Victimized?:

The man in the Northside named Harves Gardner called up the police for more than 25 times. It is very genuine that whenever we feel that there is a problem we call up the police, and then we address our problems to them so that they can help us solve them.

But this man had taken the lines a bit seriously and had called up the police to find his hoodie.

Craziest Investigation Ever:

When he called the police the first time, he asked the police to search him one of his essential property and took a ride from one place to another in the police vehicle. The police then discovered that the man had been intoxicated, and hence the cops asked him to go to bed, but he denied them. The police dropped him near his place and went away. I then started the man’s foolish work. He called up the police again and again and troubled a lot of police officials by taking them from one place to another.

He had also called up the police from all different locations and asked them all to help him search for his hoodie. Now, Gardner had been held by the Hamilton County Justice Center where he would be on a hearing that has been scheduled on Tuesday. He had been put charges of the felony of disrupting public services for which he will be punished according to the law. The man is 34 years old and had been detained under police custody.


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