Druggy Couple Committed A Murder Of Drug Peddler, Jailed After 14 Years


As we step into another year, with the new year coming, even different kind of criminal cases have also been notified, and the cops yet solved some of them. Law must give stiff punishments for the criminals so that in future people will get terrified even for the idea of committing the crime. This is one such unique case that was solved after 14 long years.

Cops about the incident :

The suspects of the crime are a 64-year-old Flemish man and his 43-year-old wife. The duo was found guilty of committing a murder way back in 2006. In a drug deal, they got a lot upset with their supplier, and this made them shot him to death. After the shooting, they flew away. After many years of investigations, the Romanian cops got information that the couple was living in the area of the Romanian village of Peciu Nou, close to the city of Timisoara. These reports were even confirmed from the Interpol. Then the cops went on to Peciu Nou for hunting the couple down.

Words from their friend :

A resident of Peciu Nou has called the couple to his mobile home, in the garden of a Romanian friend. Then cops came to the scene and arrested them. The friend of this couple has stated to the police that the couple was interested in investing in real estate. So he has called them to his house and further said that he did not know of their previous crime. The armed duo was captured by the cops and now about to extradited to Belgium. All must appreciate the bravery and intelligence of the police officers to hunt the armed couple down. Though after 14 years, they were successfully caught and now put in their custody. Cops have done their job, and now it’s the time for the court to make the decision accordingly and punish them hard for what they deserve.


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