Child Sexually Assaulted For A Decade, Accused Likely To Be Sentenced Life Imprisonment


The story is from Texas, where a man has been arrested for physically abusing a 5-year-old girl for approximately ten years. The man has been identified as Jack Hagee, 74. As per the sources, the girl he was assaulting was his relative.

Jack Assaulted His Female Relative For Almost 10 Years

As per the girl, he started assaulting her in the year 1989 when she was five years old. This went for a long time until she was 13 years old. The victim was abused at least three times a week.

Jack’s Brother Stood Up For Him Against The Allegations

Jack’s brother, John Hagee, who is the organizer and top leader of Cornerstone Church In San Antonio, stood up for his brother.

Reportedly, the victim confronted her mother about the maltreatment by Jack. Following the same, she went to John and told him what the victim told her. However, he refused the allegations and stood up for his brother against the claims.

Investigation Against The Allegations

As per the police, John said that his brother Jack had admitted to the charges when he was confronted. However, when he met with the analysts, Jack didn’t talk at all and didn’t answer any questions.

An announcement from the congregation mentioned that the accused and his wife have offered to help the victim in whichever they can. They have regarded her choice if she wants to go legal proceedings against Jack for her safety and peace.

“Since Pastor Hagee was made mindful of this circumstance, he and his better half have offered and given their full and unqualified help to the person in question, including regarding their choice when to go to law requirement and to address law implementation for the injured individual’s sake,” an announcement from the congregation read.

Charges Against Jack

As per the police, Jack has been arrested for the expenses of the first-degree crime of raping a young and the offence foulness of a kid.

He is likely to face life imprisonment.


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