After Finding The Dead Body In An Abandoned House, Cops Find The Killer With Proofs


Many crimes are noticed by the detectives and the cops in Alabama. It has become a place where daily, a new and unique case of corruption will be surfaced. As expected, there is one such murder case added to Alabama’s collection of crime.

A man was found dead :

In an abandoned house at Shreveport’s Queensborough neighborhood, a dead body of a man was found. After all the investigations did the police officers, it was found out that a victim is a 60-year-old man named Jimmy J. Jerkins Jr.

There were reports that Jimmy J. Jerkins Jr. was having a severe altercation with a man at his residence the day before his death. So this makes so rational and evident that the man who Jimmy J. Jerkins Jr. had altercation will surely have a connection with his death. So the man becomes the prime suspect of the crime.

Action taken by cops :

So the cops have hunt down the prime suspect of this crime. He was found at his residence in the 3500 blocks of Catherine Street. He is a 54-year-old man named Glen A. Brooks. So Glen A. Brooks was arrested by cops and then taken to Shreveport police headquarters for the detectives and the investigators to interrogate him. After a series of investigations and interviews done to the prime suspect, he was found guilty.

So the reports of the prime suspect having an altercation with Jimmy J. Jerkins Jr was , right and it leads Glen A. Brooks to take over the victim and make him pay for his argument with him. So Glen A. Brooks was booked into the Shreveport City Jail on charges of Second Degree Murder. Cops and investigators have done their jobs, correctly and now it’s the court’s turn to act accordingly and give punishment to Glen A. Brooks for his wrongdoings.


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