A Kid Shot Himself To Dead, When His Mother Along With Hubby Busy Watching TV: Both Under Custody


A kid in Alabama shot himself dead accidentally while his parents were watching TV. The kid was staying with his mother in a hotel. On the day of the incident, his mother was with another man, at his home. Both the mother and the man were accused of having killed the baby. They both were watching TV, and it is then when the kid shot himself. The police immediately rushed to the spot, but they did not find anyone.

The Irresponsible Mom, Made His Son Dead:

Later they discovered that a two years old baby was admitted to the hospital where he was declared dead. He died because of the severity of the wounds that he had by the gunshot. The police arrested both the mother and the man who was with them that night. But later the mother was released ,on bail but the man was detained at the jail. The man was also facing four more arrest warrants for some other cases. He was also detected to have possessed marijuana and also was in the influence of the drug that day.

the kid’s mother was identified as DyneshaHarris, and the man with them was identified as Tony Fowler. They both were charged with the impose of manslaughter. The incident took place at the Red Roof Inn in the city of Mobile.

Deciding, What Should Be The Lawsuit?:

The hearing at the court is still pending, and the advancement will be soon done on the same. There was another such case in Indiana when a kid was playing wrestling with his father when she shot himself with an auto gun. The kid could not sustain the shot in his head and die immediately.

The police in charge of manslaughter held the father. This is a similar case in which the culprit is not yet determined, and the investigations are going on.


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