Wicked Man Raped His Girlfriend’s Twin Daughters, At Minor Age Transmitting A STD Gonorrhea


A man is being accused of having sexually assaulted his daughters at a tender age, transferring them with a sexually transmitted disease named Gonorrhea. The man was captured on Tuesday last week and is charged for the felony of the sexual assault of minors. The most shocking part of the entire incident is that the victims of the crime are both diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease at such a tender age in which they don’t even know what are they suffering from.

Rapist Father:

On the day of the incident, the father raped. Both his twin daughters and went away. the suspect’s girlfriend and the kids yelled for help, but the monster did not let go of them and had his desires fulfilled. One of the victims said her grandmother that her father had hurt her very badly. The grandmother took the kids to the hospital to heal the injuries of the rape. After the treatment started, several tests were carried out, and it came out that the twins were detected with Gonorrhea positive.

The grandmother was very shaken up after listening to this. The mother of the two is yet not diagnosed with the disease, but she also may get the disease. The suspect was captured by the SWAT team at his house in St. Paul. The name of the suspect is Arturo Macarro Gutierrez, and he is 36 years old. the name and other information about the victim and their mother have not been disclosed to keep their identity hidden.

Accused Was Suffering From, “STD”:

After the SWAT team caught the suspect, he refused all the charges that were put on him. He said that he had not raped the children, and the sexually transmitted disease had not passed from him.

Later, tests were carried out in which. He was found with Gonorrhea positive that proved that the STD had transmitted from him. The sentencing hearing at the court is yet to be decided.


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