Reports From Hospital Come Out Positive For The Baby And Negative For The Woman, After She Was Shot At Milwaukee Supper Club


Gun shootings are nowadays a lot prominent everywhere. Even many cases were still under investigation to find the shooters. Because it makes a lot of time and effort for the cops to find out the actual motive of the killer and find pieces of evidence for the crime. There is one such case of shooting that happened in Milwaukee.

Words from the cops :

The Milwaukee cops have reported that there was a shooting happened on February 1st of 2020. An unknown man while driving away shot five to six bullets on a woman who was on board on a party bus that was parked in front of the venue.

The woman was pregnant and a mother of 5 named Annie Sandifer. She was Ascension St. Joseph hospital after the roughly 2:30 a.m. shooting on Milwaukee’s northwest side. The doctors have tried their best to save her, but they have failed. She was dead. Her baby was discharged safely by performing an emergency cesarean section. As the baby was taken after 26 weeks of pregnancy, only, she was a lot premature now. Cops have not yet arrested any criminal behind the shooting, but investigating is going on to find the shooter.

Words from the victim’s family :

This news took the family members to grave disappointment and sadness. Their family has described Sandifer as a loving, giving mother to her children. Annie Sandifer’s cousin, Kisha Ducksworth, said that she did everything she has to do as a mother. She even went out of her way for her kids.

Mourners released purple balloons to remember the loving memory of Sandifer, and the husband of Sandifer, Lorenzo Sandifer, brought red Valentine’s Day-themed balloons. Relatives said that the extent of Sandifer was just missed from the shooting. Her cousin, Keandra Lasher, said that they are used to cancer but not used to gunshots.


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