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Marriage Troubles In Just 2 Weeks Of Pamela Anderson And Jon Peters

Pamela Anderson and Jon Peters just after 12 days of marriage said “that’s it”. The couple split in less than 2 weeks of being together. What it says for the institution of marriage.

The Baywatch Star, Once Famous

52-year-old Pamela Anderson said in a statement that she has been moved by people’s appreciation over the couple’s marriage. The once beautiful and not plastic Baywatch star said they have decided to take some time apart to re-evaluate the terms of their marriage.

Pamela and Jon has decided now to think about what they both want from life and from each other. A kind of late talk don’t you think Pamela? They have now decided to separate and think about life.

The actress and the famed movie producer celebrated their marriage at a ceremony in Malibu, California on January 20.

The Wedding Was Never Formalized

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What is happening Pamela and Jon? Pamela Anderson said the wedding was never formalized. The 74-year-old producer, John Peters has produced various films including the famous “A star is born” of 1976 and “Batman” in 1989.

They apparently dated some 30 years ago before finally reuniting just last year.

Both Have Been Married Four Times And Now Break-Up In Just 12 Days

The institution of marriage is just joke to someone and they shouldn’t marry if they can’t handle the commitment. These both bozos have been married four times and still rushed into their fifth. See the outcome.

Still Pamela said life is a journey and love is a process. With the mutual decision now they have decided to put off the legalization process of the marriage and are now separated to contemplate life together. Or not. In all, their remaining fans, who still crush on Pamela Anderson are divided on the topic. Hope they get what they want and finally decide what they both “want with their lives”.

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