Boy Who Is Missing Since 2 Days, Is Being Thoroughly Looked By The Investigating Officers


The Boy Is Missing Since 2 Days:

Ryan Cooke, a boy who is just 12-year-old. Is found to be missing from his home, it has been reported that the boy was last seen just before two days and after that nobody saw him. As the investigation reveals that he was last seen on Friday at around 7 pm in Caldane of the place popularly known as Hull.

Police Has Launched An Appeal:

It also came to light that the police officers who are involved in the case and are supposedly hired for investigation are appealing to people out there like if they could come up with some help, police has called that anyone who has any information about the little child could feel free to communicate the information to the concerned police department. However, officers are trying their best they did not come up with any evidence or clue that directs them to the lost child.

Appearance Of The Boy:

It has also been informed that the child was last seen on Friday at around 7 pm and was probably wearing a dark coat, it also came to light that he had a medium brown length hair, the date from when he has vanished is told to be January 31 of 2020. The boy is also described to be five feet, one inch, and the right colour.

Police Is Trying To Look For His Whereabouts:

A police department that is involved in the investigation. Says that the officers are thoroughly looking the 12-year-old boy who was last seen in his dark tracksuit bottoms on, they are trying their best and for now, they are only concerned about his whereabouts, anyone with any information about the missing child is said to contact the investigating team on number 101 so that they could locate the child as soon as possible.


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