An NYPD Investigation Officer Did What A Police Officer Would Never Do; Arrested After Physically Abusing His Daughter And Violating Many Other Crimes


An NYPD investigation officer is accused of physically assaulting his daughter with a belt. He was busted again after violating a restraining order, polices claimed on Sunday.

Joel Crooms, 33-year-old Investigation officer, was arrested before 7:30 p.m. on Saturday in Queens. He is currently facing charges on a cost of criminal ridicule for supposedly violating an order of security which was released by the court following his very first December imprisonment, according to cops as well as court documents.

Charges Faced By Crooms

Crooms was facing charges with harassment, criminal belongings of a tool, attack as well as acting in the way of physical assault towards a youngster on Dec. 2. Back in 2019, Crooms was arrested for supposedly physically assaulting and abusing his 10- year-old daughter with a belt at his East Shore residence, according to authorities as well as court documents.

However, the court let him get a reduced loose throughout his opening night with a future court day, documents reveal.

No additional information regarding Crooms’ February apprehension was revealed to press and public by the police.

Not The Officer’s First Crime

This is the investigation officer’s 3rd encounter with his fellow kids in blue throughout his eight years on the pressure, documents reveal.

Crooms was sent to jail over two years back in East New York after supposedly drunkenly blinking his tool throughout a battle at an Outback Steakhouse.

The investigation officer was off-duty throughout all of his crimes and imprisonments, polices claimed. He joined the team of NYPD in 2012, payroll documents reveal.

Crooms didn’t make any comment regarding this case. The press and media are requested to cooperate with the police and be patient. Additional information will be revealed to the media and public soon. Private details like family or profession information are not revealed yet. The information about his daughter is also kept classified by the police.


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