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Megan Thee Stallion Roast Ex-Boyfriend MoneyBagg Yo Through A New Rap, Fans Smug

The Technique Was Out On Thursday:

Megan Thee Stallion, the singer and the love of thousands of people, has finally taken to the promotion of her debut album with the arrival of its lead single B.I.T.C.H. The technique was out on Thursday, January 23. The 24-year-old rapper seems to be taunting her ex-boyfriend in a certain way.

Megan Criticises Her Ex:

Megan The Stallion, the famous rapper in her song, seems to condemn and criticise her ex-boyfriend. All her fans enjoy this criticism. Undoubtedly it was something that all her fans wanted. Indeed one of her fans said that it was something they were waiting for since long and finally the time has arrived.

The Song May Be Included In Her Debut Album “Suga”:

The song that has been composed by the 24-year-old rapper is heard to be included on her debut album “Suga”, that would arrive this year, but it is not precisely known that when. She also said that she did not realise that her mixtape would move such a significant number of people towards excitement and happiness. She also said that she did not see that it would be celebrated in such away. It was something unexpected, and she is glad to hear the response.

The Audience Are Very Glad:

The fans commented on her new rap song. Her die-hard fans commented on her newly released rap song and said that it was apparent that it was a form of condemnation towards her ex. They enjoyed it and loved how she composed the song. One of her friends even said this that her every word could be felt and the song was undoubtedly amazing. She had received a great response with respect to her song to which she expresses amazement and more than satisfying look.

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