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Despite Ample Toilets In The Area, Woman Constantly Choose To Pooped In The Parking Lot; Caught Red Handed

51-year-old Andrea Grocer was arrested after she answered nature’s call in a parking lot. This embarrassing thing happened early morning on Wednesday. She pooped not once or twice but several times says Massachusetts police. She was caught red-handed, so Grocer was immediate without delay, arraigned on eight counts of ‘Wanton destruction to property.’

Initially ignored thinking of an animal

Henry Kenner, a store owner, said that he initially put it down to animals when he used to discover poop in December in the parking lot. But he grew suspicious when various things like toilet paper, wipes were found, and that was the time he realized that it was most probably a human being. He told me that without a miss, early morning, every day, a pile of human excrement was found with a little bit of toilet paper on top of it in the parking area.

Despite ample toilets,  pooped outside

Kanner called the Natick police and requested them to put up patrols in the area and try to catch the culprit red-handed doing the gross thing. On seven that morning, she was found lean out the driver’s red-handed her business. After her task, the police followed her. She did drove for a few seconds but soon captured by the cop. Kenner said, ‘im so happy that she is detected, but I don’t have any idea of who she was’. The shocking thing the officer noticed is that there were, however, several public toilets in the area.

People claim her as the pillar

In her defense, she says that she did not do it intentionally but had irritable bowel syndrome. She apologized badly and swore to never use any public area for doing such an act. She was continually sobbing. Her lawyer claimed her as ‘ the pillar’ of her community.

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Later she was out of the house of correction without bail and had the next court date on 2nd March.

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