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Two Teenagers Re-Joying After Stabbing An 18-Year-Old With Knives In West London

In a recent video that got viral showed two teenagers from West London fist-bumping each other after stabbing another 18-year-old teen with a knife.

Investigation reports claimed that the two teenagers, 18-year-old William Haines, his 17-year-old partner, are accused of stabbing victim Yusuf Mohamed to death. This incident happened on June 26, 2019, near Shepherd’s Bush, West London.

What Happened In Shepherd’s Bush-

Yusuf was stabbed for no apparent reason, as seen in the video. He was walking down the street with his friends on Uxbridge Road, as told by the victim’s representative. Haines approached him with a knife and stabbed through his chest with brutal force. He died on the spot, according to the forensic report. Victim’s prosecutor also added that Yusuf had no time to ran because the knife reached his heart, killing him on the spot. Also, he was not carrying any weapon, so he was not able to protect himself from the attack. They gave him no chance to save himself from the brutal attack.

After Attack And The Punishment-

Yusuf immediately collapsed on the floor after he was stabbed. Yusuf hopelessly crawled on the floor, asking for help, but unfortunately, no one approached him. He tried to retreat himself even after he was stuck on the chest. The 17-year-old partner again attacked him on his legs when he tried to stand, leaving him defenseless.

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They went away from the scene as the two youngsters reached the other side of the street, caught fist-bumping each other, and were also caught saying to each other, “Well done us.”

Later he died in the hospital because of his wounds and injuries.

Haines was accused of murder and knife possession at the Old Bailey. The 17-year-old partner of Haines has been released for legal reasons. Both the accused will be sentenced in the last week of February.



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