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Presented A Man Accused Of Raping 2 Teens Was Found Malingering In Court , Says IMH Reports

This is a case of sexual assault and raping of two teenagers on two different occasions unrelated to one another by one pervert. This article covers all the stories of the pervert and his behavior in court.

It all started with :

The victim is a 49-year-old man named Isham Kayubi. He was a part-time food deliveryman and a member of a motorcycle gang. He first introduced it to the first woman when one of his friends used it. To take his phone to call her. They did not know each other up till a month earlier when Isham sent her a text message. He allegedly raped the first victim on Oct 15, 2017, after offering her $150 to clean his flat. He performed oral sex with her and even recorded the videos. He further said that is she has done anything wrong, and then I would call my gang to gang rape you. After the abuse, he took her back and gave her a helmet, a Bluetooth earpiece, and 20 dollars cash.

Then the second victim was introduced to him at the void deck of a block of flats. He told her to look after his apartment. He raped her and warned her that he would call his gang to rape you if anything wrong that will happen. He said that he would buy her a new mobile phone. He then sent her home with 20 dollars money. Later on, Nov 3, 2017, he came to her allegedly raped her again and took her to his apartment.

His obscene behaviour in Court :

After presented in court, he started making very lewd things. He pissed in the cubicle where he was standing to testify to the judge. Then he was taken out and tested for mental illness. Reports came that he was fit entirely to testify, and he was acting ill. He was malingering. On Tuesday evening again, the court session resumed where he was taken to the toilets first, then when returning to the cubicle, he was spotted with stains of faeces on his shirt. Judge See Kee Oon then adjourned the case for measures to be taken to cover up the dock as Isham refused to change out of his clothes.

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The judge further reminded Isham of the IMH report and told him that his conduct in court would go on record. Justice See once again warned him saying that you are malingering, then this action of your’s in court will also be accounted for the crimes you have. The videos on his phone are conclusive of him doing the rape. So the suspect is going to be charged for the two crimes along with his malingering in court.

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