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Police Were Called But Found No Signs Of Injury, An Hour Later Discovered Dead Women Under Same Roof By Son

A 77-year-old mother was in danger, and she felt it. Police saw her in excellent condition with no injuries and an hour later with head trauma.

Had A Dispute With The Doorman

Cops were called to a Brooklyn apartment on Monday evening. But, they found nothing incriminating enough to press charges. Mari Louis called the police to her building around 9:30 pm. It is not known whether she was giving a sign, but she said her son had a dispute with the doorman.

She specifically told the cops that now everything is settled, and she doesn’t want police assistance anymore. But, the police still did their due diligence and then went away. The NYPD spokesperson Detective Sophia Mason reported this.

Had No Injuries At The Time

Mason wrote in an email that the victim did not appear to be injured, and no injuries were reported at the time. That’s why the police went away as, based on the incident, police assistance was not necessary. But, less than an hour later, Louis’ other son in Jersey reported something else.

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He reported that his mother called him and said she was being attacked. That’s when officers decided to revisit the scene. Marie Louis was found with severe head trauma inside her apartment, just after 10 pm on Monday. She was unconscious and unresponsive. The only person in her apartment, 36-year-old Arnel Henry, was arrested at the scene.

He is currently in custody and held on murder charges. According to police sources, Henry was taken to Maimonides Hospital, where he still is. The police found signs of mental inabilities, which led to his mother’s death, eventually. He would be committed to a mental hospital or taken to jail; it is not clear. Is there even enough evidence to place Henry at the time of murder or not.

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