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“My Son Is A Psychopath, I Can’t Help Him”: Heartbroken Mother Reveals Why Monster Son Murdered And RAPED Her Innocent Daughter

Charity Lee visited her teen son in jail. But she didn’t expect to hear a terrifying confession. Moreover, her son let out the unthinkable and most surprising thing. He brutally killed his little 4-year-old sister. Paris Bennett proudly confessed to his crime. “You’re right. I did kill her,” he said to his wrecked mom back in March 2007. Don’t forget Paris aged 13 at the time.

The nerve-wracking encounter, as well as several other intimate and unexpected conversations now, will come into the light. The discussions are all between Lee and her son while he remained behind bars. Besides, tiny details to are mentioned in Lee’s memoir, “How Now, Butterfly?: A Memoir of Murder, Survival & Transformation”. Lee co-wrote this book with the help of writer Brian Whitney. Moreover, the book will be available on Tuesday.

Lee eventually forgave Bennett because no matter what he is her firstborn

The book opens up on the Texas mother’s unbearable pain. Along with grief and eventual forgiveness. A series of journal entries, the book uncovers shocking details. All about the merciful and blood-curling slaying. Besides, it also contains how Bennett saw violent porn for hours on end before he killed his sister. Not only that, but he also sexually abused her.

In one journal entry, Lee, 46, wrote, “My son is a monster, and because he is a monster, I have lost my daughter.” This entry dates back to less than a month after the brutal February 4, 2007 killing. Besides, Lee even believed that her son could go far enough to kill her one day. However, things changed when the thought turned into reality. Her son attacked her in the visitor’s room at the prison.

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She reveals he slammed the table into her before pinning her against the wall. The cruel son cut off all her air. But she remained shocked, completely unmoving. She thought she’d die, and then he pulled the table back, just before slamming it right into her again.

Her book reveals all the unspoken details about the brutal killing

Bennett will remain in jail for 40 years. He tried to hurt Lee in various journal entries of the book continually. However, with years of self-reflection, Lee has now forgiven her son. Moreover, she has accepted him, even in the debased form. A year later, the broken mother got light again in her life. She gave birth to her son, Phoenix.

She says that Phoenix is a happy, intelligent, affectionate, stubborn, and opinionated 6-year-old. Lee also states that some people criticize her for allowing Paris to speak to Phoenix. However, she shuts them down by saying, “I am setting an example for Phoenix.” A real example of how unconditional and absolute love and forgiveness are.

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