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Greed Not A Good Ally: Police Arrests Man For Allegedly Killing Friend For Inheriting Truck

In a turn of events, Mr. Kayode Egbetokun, police commissioner, Kwara State police caught a man for allegedly killing his friend for inheriting his truck. Jamiu Suleiman, the alleged killer of Baba Oyin, died him on Wednesday. Jamiu wanted to possess a car, and he chose to kill his friend for getting one. This case shows the depreciating level of human empathy for one another for satisfying one’s greed.

Envy, The Cause Of Killing

In an interview with Vanguard, Jamiu was found saying that he killed his friend because he was envious of him and his possessions, in particular, the lorry truck. So he resumed killing him for getting it. According to him, he had planned to bring the truck to Ilorin, his home town and use it for his business purposes.

“I bought a gun of N70, 000 from one of the cult boys based in Ikorodu. I used the gun to kill Baba Oyin,” said the killer.

He added, “I am a native of Ilorin from the Alore area, but I work as a truck driver in Lagos. My friend had a truck lorry which he used for work and made good money. This made me envious of him. Thus, I had to make up my mind to kill him and collect the truck and take it to my home town and finally use it for business.”

Unfolding The Act Of Killing

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When asked about the entire killing scene, Jamiu replied, “After I bought the gun, I went to his house early in the morning and called him out to discuss something related to work. The moment he came out of his house, I aimed at his chest, and he instantly fell on the ground, dead.” Jamiu panicked due to the sound of the gunshot. He could not get hold of the truck’s keys and ran home. Later on, he was arrested by the Police.

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