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Florida Father Of 14-Year-Old Girl Caught On Camera Abusing & Head-Butting Her, Even Tries to Cut Out Pet’s Eyeballs

A 14-year-old Florida girl installed a camera in her bedroom. She claimed that her father was abusive, but was never believed. She took this drastic measure because she needed a way to prove her allegations.

The Nest camera seized difficult-to-watch scenes. Damon Becnel, the father, was seen abusing the family dogs. He was also shoving and screaming at the girl and even head-butting her. An Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office identified him hitting the animal and holding a knife to the dog’s neck. Stay tuned to find out more details about the ongoing investigation and the arrests that have been made.

Threatening dog with a knife

A Florida father has been captured on camera, threatening to cut out the eyes of his daughter’s dog. This was followed by him slamming the 14-year-old girl’s head into a bed frame. Damon Becnel, 47, faced charges of child abuse and animal cruelty. This incident was allegedly captured on a video surveillance camera set up in the girl’s bedroom. This is in accordance to a probable cause statement from the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office.

The dog, in the video retrieved by authorities, is sitting on the teenager’s bed when Becnel pulls out a knife. The report said that he pointed the blade at the dog and said that he would pull its eyeballs out. He then hits the dog, grabs the dog by the throat, and throws it to the ground. While the dog is getting attacked, the 14-year-old pleads for her father to stop. She even jumps on his back in an attempt to get him to stop abusing the dog.

Pushes the daughter into the bed frame

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Becnel allegedly grabbed his daughter by the hair and forced her into the bed frame. Becnel can reportedly be seen, in a second video capturing the incident, still clutching his daughter by the hair. He was even screaming at her to keep her mouth shut. According to the report, Becnel head butts his daughter, sending her head “bouncing off the wall behind her.” This causes her to cry incessantly.

Just the day after the alleged incident occurred at her Destin home, she reported it to the authorities. The girl even provided all the necessary footage by herself.

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