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Ex-Nurse Rushed To Aide The Man, Hit By Fallen Traffic Lights At Accident Scene Finds: Dying Victim Was Husband

Pitiful accident exerting one’s Life:

What could be more tragic than seeing a collision with the naked eye and finding the victim is the husband?

Ex-Nurse Rose Varone was walking on the road, and suddenly two cars bumped each other, involving the falling of traffic light at the nearby place in Battersea.

She rushed to the site to aide the victim of who gets hit by felled traffic lights due to the crashing of two-car, discovered that the victim was her husband. When she reached the scene, she was very shocked by heeding that the victim was her husband, Luigi, who was 69-years-old.

When two vehicles collided, He had been idling on a traffic island that was 50 yards from their home, which cause one car to crash into the set of traffic lights alongside him.

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Mrs. Varone, who was 48-years-old thought that “Who was that unfortunate man?”

When she went over there, finds that it was her husband…She examined his pupils, but she knew that his brain was dead…there was intense blood all around his body.

Unconditional Love:

“The man died in her hands, make her wiping out tears.”

She also said that she was thrilled as she could hold him as his last breathe and was there for him…she told him how much she loves him.”

The members all around the public and Paramedics tried utmost to rescue Mr. Varone, but he was proclaimed dead at the junction of York Road and Falcon Road, just before 9 pm on Saturday.

The couple was partnered from 2016 and had been planning to travel to Mrs. Varone’s native Brazil for her family to meet Mr. Varone for the very first time.

Mr. Varone was a full-time caregiver for his 94-year-old mother after ending his job period, as a Gas Engineer.

Mrs. Varone also said that she was very thankful to everyone who helped her at the crime scene.

The Mortal Driver:

 A 32-year-old man, who was the driver of one of the two-car, escaped from the scene on foot but was later caught on doubt of causing death by hazardous driving and failing to break the car.

But later on, He was bailed pending further inquiries. The other driver, 29-year-old, was not arrested, and now he is helping police.

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