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Captain America Actress Charged With Second Degree Murder; Following Her Mother’s Autopsy

The First Avenger, 38-year-old Mollie Fitzgerald, is charged with second-degree murder in stabbing her 68-year-old mom, Patricia Fitzgerald, in Kanas.
Mollie was staying with her mom since June in Olathe.

Mollie always had aggression issues

Her father claimed that Mollie. Would show very aggressive behaviors and outbursts, resulting they both had to leave the room to calm the situation down. “Recently, her aggressive behaviors had been escalating,” the father told the law enforcement in the affidavit for arrest. Her brother said, “ Patricia Fitzgerald. Was in the process of moving back to Kanas City after living seven l decades in the Houston area.” The Mom’s brother, the 72-year old Huzinko, gave statements saying, “ we were shocked. It doesn’t matter circumstances; the loss of a sister is what it’s all about”.

Captain America:  her first mainstream

Mollie has worked mainly on low budget films like. “The lawful truth” and “The Creeps.” Many don’t know the fact that she is a director and producer as well. “ being part of this production has been one of the best experiences. Of my life”, Mollie told when she was doing her first mainstream movie ‘Captain America’ in which she played a Stark Girl and also got the opportunity to work as an assistant to the director.

No Self defense suspected

An autopsy on December 21 found four stabs wounds to her back. Hands and bruising to her face leading us to believe an ‘attempted checking.’ But there was no evidence that Patricia did anything of the knife or ever had the control of it. But Mollie said, “ My mother just would not stop trying to take the knife to kill her, so I had to kill her.”

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Mollie has a court date on 29th January and intends to represent herself, citing her law degree from the University of Houston.

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