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Already Accused Woman For Killing A Senator Asked Fellow Inmates To Kill People And Blow Her Car To Destroy Evidence

The woman was the campaign staffer and the “best friend” of the Arkansas state lawmaker. She is now facing new charges on Tuesday, which can increase her sentence. She plotted to have the lawmaker’s ex-husband killed.

The Slaying Of Best Friend

48-year-old Rebecca O’Donnell previously pleaded not guilty to the charge of capital murder. She was accused of killing 57-year-old former state Senator Linda Collins. According to O’Donnell’s boyfriend, they were “best friends”.

Now she has been charged with two counts of criminal solicitation to commit another capital murder. She trusted fellow inmates, but, they are deviant criminals. She is also charged with tampering physical evidence.

Had A Meticulous Plan, But Not So Much

Four inmates of her prison told State Police that O’Donnell talked with them about killing. They said she had told them to shoot or hang Collin’s ex-husband and retired judge Phil Smith.

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She advised the 70-year-old’s death to look like a suicide. O’Donnell also told inmates to blow up her 2005 Honda Civic which is impounded at the Randolph County Jail. She said it would destroy any evidence that may be in the vehicle and thus, walk freely.

She was trying to exonerate herself completely and even asked the inmates to write a suicide note for Smith.

Take The Payment By Robbing

Smith and Collins divorced in October 2018. They ended on bitter notes as they were fighting for the distribution of the assets. One inmate told authorities that O’Donnell told them to grab the bag of silver and gold in Smith’s house. She said it would be upward of $30,000 and they can keep it as the payment.

The Potential Blood Bath

She also advised the death of two more people. Two inmates told that she wanted her prosecutor dead too so she can walk away. And, she wanted Smith’s current wife to be killed too so that it would look like she was leaving him. One inmate told O’Donnell also wanted to kill her judge who initially presided over her case. But, he was rescued last summer. Collins was found stabbed, and O’Donnell was seen to remove security cameras in Collins’ house. O’Donnell’s new date for new charges has not been set yet.

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