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A Woman Tries To Blow Off A Hand-Made Bomb In Walmart

According to Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, Emily Stallard, 37-year-old, tried to blow off a bomb in Walmart on Saturday. Currently, after going to Walmart and trying to make a hand-made bomb from explosive items on the shelves, the woman is facing charges.

Woman Making A Hand-Made Bomb

According to the statement of the Sheriff’s Office, Walmart’s security guard was the one who raised suspicion on the woman. The woman started roaming in the aisles and also opened unpaid items, which were mostly explosive and destructible.

Security Guard And Off-Duty Law Enforcement Officers To The Rescue

Immediately, the security guard called the sheriff’s office. He also reported to an off-duty Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Officer who was present at that time. Fortunately, the security guard and the officer stopped the woman before anything could happen. The woman was almost about to lit and detonate the hand-made bomb.

As soon as the deputies got the report of the customer trying to detonate a bomb, they rushed to the scene.

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Sheriff Chad Chronister said in a statement that the women had everything in her hand to cause mass destruction. Fortunately, because of the security guard and off-duty law enforcement officer, a disaster didn’t take place inside the store. He added that people should immediately report any suspicious activity in their surroundings. Just one phone call to law enforcement can save many lives. As they say, it’s better to be paranoid than dead.

The woman, Stallard, had her daughter with her in the store.

For the offenses she committed, she is charged with firebombing, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, attempted arson of a structure, and child abuse.

Deputies stated that Stallard resisted the arrest and even spat on their faces during the arrest.

However, no information has been revealed from her side of the attorney.

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