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A Wicked Woman Locked Her Kids And Sister In AC Car Over An Hour, While Getting Herself A Spa Treatment

This is a case of child abuse done by the wicked mother. It was a horrible event that would have gone worse if the police did not arrive at the scene on time. This article covers up the entire story and the investigation that was taken to unfold the actual motives of the wicked accused mother of this incident.

Almost 32 degrees Celcius. Locked Up Her more than an Hour :

The suspect of this child abuse is a 23-year-old woman named Ericka Campbell of Macomb. She has left her two children of 9 months and three years of age and even her 11-year-old sister in her car locked up inside with AC. It was like around 6.30 at night. The wicked mother went on for a spa treatment near her home in Warren. After waiting for more than an hour, her sister went on to report the police. So they were not able to bear any cold in the dark hour at the car locked up.

Words From Prosecutor :

“It says that it was  32 degrees. 6:30 at night. It’s dark out. The 11-year-old says her sister went into the house, and she doesn’t know why. She hasn’t seen or heard from her in over an hour. They knock on the door, and the homeowner says, ‘yeah, she’s here. She’s getting a spa treatment, ” These were told by the prosecutor Eric Smith. Officers further noted that Campbell refused to leave the house until her eyebrows are finished.

Children turned over to their grandmother :

The children being terrified of the event, as soon as taken out of the car, they went on to their grandmother. For locking them up for such a long time, she was arrested. Now the investigation is carried out to know her actual intensions, and the charge against her will be accordingly, the reports come up.

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