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A Milwaukee Man Accused Of Sending Chilling Snapchats To Under-Aged Girls In Arizona, “I Will Rape You If I See You”

A Milwaukee man has been accused and arrested for sending inappropriate messages and photographs to girls in Arizona through Snapchat. The man is identified as 22-year-old Kyle Vlosich, who lives in the Arizona area.

He has been in contact with under-aged girls on Snapchat and sends them inappropriate pictures. According to the criminal complaint. The victim, who was 15 at that time, contact the officials at Pinal County Sheriff’s Office in Arizona, where detective spoke with the victim. The victim told the police everything.

The Man Threatened The Teen Girl Of Rape:

On November 4, she was contacted by a guy names Kyle Vlosich on Snapchat, and he asked her if she would add him because he was from his area only, and he is 16 only. The girl added him, and he started sending him inappropriate messages.

She agreed, and he asked for her picture. And when she sent him the photo of her face, he asked for a full-body shot. When she declined, he started complaining and called her fake. She didn’t respond. After getting no reply from her, he sent her a fully nude shot of himself with the words, “I live in San Tan Heights. I will rape you if I see you”. The girl blocked him immediately and deleted the conversation.

He Was In Contact With Several Other Juvenile Girls:

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According to the report, Vlosich has been in contact with several other girls also on Snapchat and has sent a lot of inappropriate messages and pictures. The girl provided her username to the detectives, and they obtained all the data required for this case.

The detectives found the messages. We were sent from the IP address associated with Vlosich’s home address on Carmen Avenue in Milwaukee. The complaint said that Vlosich sent numerous nude photos of himself to the under-aged girls located in Pinal County, Arizona, through Snapchat. The police took Vlosich to court, and he received a $1000 signature bond. His hearing was scheduled for Jan 28.

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