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A Father Kidnapped His Son, Returned To Home Safely By The Utmost Endeavour Of Police

What executes a father to kidnap his son, who 1-year-old? A 1-year-old boy from ST LOUIS COUNTY  was shot in his shoulders and injured in an incident where a man shot to a home.

The boy was hospitalised. He was alleged missing from the hospital hours before he would be released. Robert from the news was live from outside of the hospital the boy was admitted talked with the boys’ grandfather about the incident. The grandpa elaborated on the event that took place last Monday.

Catastrophe With The Boy:

Will the natural heal his bruises at such age?

A man shot at their house at night where the boy was hurt in the shoulders. They took the child to St. Louis hospital where hey had surgery to heal his wounds, later hours after the operation the police found out that the boy left from the hospital.

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Surprisingly the boy left the hospital with someone else, not his parents. The police were afraid of kidnapping. Surprisingly they found out that the boy returned home and alleged that his biological father took him.

The Police Utmost Try:

What charges should be a put-on, on his father for the offence?

The police of St Louis county said they were confused about this incident as they stated that it is believed that the boy’s biological father wanted to ensure that his child was ok and is out of danger. The police also added that it was a bond that every father-child carries with themselves . they also said that they don’t want to interfere in their family issues as the boy is only 18 months old and has already gone through much. At last, the parents of the toddler confirmed that their kid had returned home and is the same from danger.

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