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4-Year-Old Boy Is Mauled To Death By Father’s Girlfriend While Mother Craves Justice

Four years old, Logan Starling, was found unconscious in Mariah Butler’s vehicle, having an internal temperature of 108 degrees. He was pronounced dead in the hospital.

Left boyfriend’s child in the car on a hot day

According to the police report. Butler drove all five children under the age of 5 to elite Preparatory Academy in Orlando. Logan was one amongst them. Then she let the children out of her SUV except for Logan as video surveillance allegedly showed her walking into the school with only four children, leaving Logan in the car. She also worked in that private school, and after more than six hours later, the teachers asked her why Logan took an off today? To which she went running towards her car and was then spotted by everyone screaming ‘911’. Onlookers described it as a chaotic scene.

Charges against Mollie

Mollie was charged with a first-degree felony. By up to life in prison, aggravated manslaughter of a child, life on probation, and a $10000 fine. She admitted to a felony child neglect under a plea agreement, which is punishable up to five years in prison, five years of probation, and a $5000 fine. However,  recently the prosecutors have to rest the case.

Mother and relatives seek justice

“I’m the one who has to live for the rest of my life without him,” grieved his mother. She accused butter of being no different after his death. “ butler not serving time behind bars would be a slap on the face,” “ from the let go, the prosecutors did a lousy job on this case,” said Logan’s grandfather with a lot of hard feelings. His relatives, we’re too very much outraged with the fact of dropping the charge against Buttler.

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