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24-Year-Old Son Stabbed, Choked And Burned His Father Who Begged For His Life

24-year-old Jamal George Hall from Redford, Michigan, drove to Hollywood to meet his father is accused of brutally murdering him. According to media reports, Jamal beat, choked, stabbed, and burnt his father, Malik Ali Hall, instead of numerous pleads during a domestic argument then after police had to chase him down in his car to capture him, according to the arrest report.

Criminal’s Diary:

It all happened on 30th December at about 9:30 pm in an apartment in the 2500 block of Pierce Street. One of the neighbors saw the fight getting intensified and called the 911 and reported them the incident.

When the police arrived at the situation, they discovered Malik Hall on the ground covered in blood. He was dead on-spot. The officials found a surveillance video of the incident, and it clearly showed what happened at the scene. It showed Jamal Hall was brutally beating, choking and stabbing Malik Hall, his father, to death and quickly flew away from the scene as he saw the police arriving at the scene.

After Jamal was taken into custody, he told the officials that he moved from Detroit to Hollywood on December 15 to meet his father. He used to respect his father according to what he spoke to the media. But after living a few days with him, their relationship became sour.

What Happened On December 30th-

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Jamal’s father was on the phone while cooking in the kitchen when Jamal pour hot grease on him, then stabbing and punching him. Malik tried to run outside but in vain. His son chased him down and continued to hit him with a broken blade.

Jamal added to his statement that his father pleaded to leave him, saying, “I love you. I’m your dad. Stop,” but he didn’t listen. He also planned to burn the body but couldn’t.

How Jamal Ran Away From The Scene And Aftermath-

Police saw Jamal running away in a bloody shirt to his Camaro and fleeing away. Police followed him into Miami-Dade County until he was caught in Commercial Boulevard.

Jamal Hall is accused of premeditated murder and is behind bars in the Broward County Jail.


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