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Women Died Three Weeks Before Her Trial On Accusation Of A Pyromaniac Murder

A 48-year-old woman named Amanda Zukowski. Was about to give her trial to the court on the accusation of setting fire to her boyfriend’s granny house in 2017. Eventually, she died three weeks before her trial was going to be held in the city court.

Amanda’s Pyromania Explained-

Amanda Zukowski, 48, was accused of killing her boyfriend. Named Jeffrey Lindsell, a 39-year-old man’s granny house on fire, which he occupied just beside his parents’ home in the South Sydney Suburb in Gymea.

Detectives investigated the entire house. Concluded that Amanda meddled with the water supply and intentionally set fire to his home.

The incident happened on October 7, 2017, when the 48-year-old planned to arson murder her boyfriend. Amanda had an “on-again-off-again” relationship, which was not running so smoothly. She was petrified of her relationship, and something went on her mind, which led her to commit the crime.

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The victim’s parents expressed their emotions. To the media and told that they heard his scream asking for help though, he was swamped in the fire as his house was burning at around 1:30 am.

After Investigating Officials Laid Their Mat-

An investigation operation was run by the NSW State Crime Command’s arson unit. In the middle of 2018, to draw to a close that Amanda Zukowski was charged with the crime of murder.

The investigators claimed that she intentionally lit the fire in the granny flat, knowingly that Jeffrey was asleep in his bedroom. The 48-year-old accused of the crime appeared in the Central Local Court last February. Amanda was seen lighting up a cigarette as she left the court while the victim’s parents were shedding tears.

Amanda Zukowski was released on bail, and her murder trial was settled until further notice.

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