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Unpredictable Death Of A Teen As Gun Inadvertently, “Fired-Off” During TikTok Shoot, In Bareilly

“Tiktok Should be Banned?”

Keshav was 18 years old, and he was as much into tiktok as the other teens of his age, but this social media madness turned to be a tragic death story of a teen like him. He is a resident of Bareilly district, Utter Pradesh.

He planned to use a revolver as a prop for his video, so he went to his mother, Savitri, and pressurized her to give him the pistol to make a tiktok video. That Monday morning was the last tiktok shoot of Keshav.

Deadly Tiktok Shoot:

He was shooting his video without knowing that the revolver was loaded with ammo. During the mid of the video, he shot himself dead. At that time, his mother had gone to attend some household coarse. Suddenly, she heard a gunshot and rushed inside to find her son. The mother’s heart turned heavy when she saw her son lying dead in a pool of blood.

Keshav was immediately admitted to the hospital, but unfortunately, the doctors declared that he was dead long before he was admitted to the hospital.

What Did Interoggation Says:

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The police said that the investigation is underway. When interrogated with his mother, she said that she was completely unaware that the gun was loaded.

According to the Nawabganj circle officer, Yogendra Kumar, the incident was brought to shape on Monday in Bhaikampur village of Nawabganj district.

Terms And Condition That Should Be Applied TO Tiktok:

Should tiktok have some terms and conditions that would limit the use of fatal props like a revolver, knife, ax, poison, etc.? Should tiktok be banned in India? Are there other cases where making a tiktok video proves to be fatal? The craze for social media is useful when we know our limits, but once it goes over our head, we may not predict the consequences that it may fetch to us. Therefore, set your limits and be responsible for yourself.

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