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Stealing Personal Information Of Passenger, While Sending Chilling Explicit Texts, Clearly American Airline Employee Gone Too Far

A creepy text was sent by an airline employee, Ahmad, to a passenger named Ashley Barno while she was waiting to board a flight from San Diego to Chicago. The passenger’s name, number, and address were discovered from her luggage tag. Ashley did not have any clue who and why he was texting her. He told her that she looks gorgeous, and he will be more than happy to give her free flights with excellent seats and access to the lounges. However, for the longest time, Ahmad did not reveal his identity. But finally, he busted the bubble, and he is working for the American airlines.

Chilling messages reveal how he joined her throughout the journey

The whole time while she was traveling, she kept on receiving messages consistently, which made her extremely uncomfortable. She was scared to another level as there was no way out for her in an enclosed plane. His message, “I’m on board now! Are you going to Chicago, too?!” was troubling her.

Enquired from  the crew; history found the same

An idea struck her in the head. She thought of speaking to a crew member, who confirmed Ahmad worked in that airline. The crew told her that it’s not a shock as he behaved similarly in the past as well. But it was too helpful towards her concern and did not turn a deaf ear. The staff was furious with Ahmad’s other flirtatious and yet cheap tactic.

He  is  thrown out; thanks to Ashley

Ashley did not let this go. She has sued the airline for their negligent hiring, sexual harassment, and many other wrongdoings, including stalking. She says, “the airline knew Ahmad’s propensity to inappropriately contact it’s customers yet continued retaining him as an employee.” After that, Ahmad was out of the airline as they claim to take the privacy and safety of customers seriously.

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