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‘My Daughter Harmed Herself Before I Returned From Services’, Says Accused Mother

This is a case of brutal injuries that happened to the little child. The article covers the entire story of this horrific crime case involving a small child and her mother.

Words from Court and Police Investigation :

The victim is a two and a half years girl named Lyric, and the accused mom is a 29-year-old named Shaniqua Leonard. Investigators discovered the little girl with new scratches on her neck, face, torso, and back. Lyric was also missing clumps of her hair, with patches found on the floor by one investigator. Lyric was sent back to Boston’s Children Hospital after taking to the local ER, where she was brain dead. It was shocking and sad to hear such news.

Words from the accused mother :

Leonard told that her daughter was behaving extremely strange. She did very odd and harmful things. She starved herself and even scratched off many times. I tried to control her many several times, but she was out of my control. She showed them videos in which she yelled at her saying, ” You require to get up right now! Sit up! Sit up! Let’s go! Hello! Get up! And get your clothes on! “. The videos in the phone of Leonard were horrific at the same time evident of Lyric’s strange behavior in the days before her death, with the youngster unable to hold her head up, move her legs, or keep her eyes open and focused.

Charges held on the Mother :

For her negligence for showing up the child to necessary medical treatment charged her up heavily. In addition to this, she was charged 2500 dollars for bail and even no further connection with the child. After the complete investigation and report from postmortem, Leonard will be even punished and charged heavily if there is any of her doing in causing harm to her.

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