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Middle School Teacher Intends To Revolutionize The Era Of Sex Ed With Her Ideas

Inside the four walls of a middle school classroom, multiple seven graders huddled around a table in their second-period health class to discuss the importance of consent.

The story revolves around a boy named Jack and a girl named Brenda. Jack has been helping Brenda with her Spanish homework in the library. Out of nowhere, Jack starts kissing her. Although Brenda used to like Jack she is worried about being caught. 

Brenda screams “Someone might see us,” to which Jack says hush. 

One of the girls in seven-year old’s huddle raises an important question. She says she isn’t sure if that is consent or not. 

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The boy next to her says in a most obvious tone “That’s not consent,” and continues to say that she never said that it was okay and asked Jack to continue. The girl retorts back, although that’s true, he didn’t ask, but the girl likes him anyway. 

The boy calmly replies, however she doesn’t give consent to Jack to kiss her. 

Americans Are Being Raised In This Scenario Of Sex-ed Today

Soon after the allegations against Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein, a nationwide awareness started to set off. The awareness of sexual assault started to be spread. This grew to such a level that Maryland passed a bill that stated that sex education classes include lessons on the meaning of consent.

During that time,  about 11 states and the District of Columbia included references to consent only. However, multiple other states missed the important clauses involving healthy relationships or sexual assault in their sex education standards, according to the Center of American Progress.

The lessons on preventing sexual assault had been present in the colleges. 

This law was passed because many people felt that college was too late to start learning about sexual violence. 

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