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”Huge Regret Of Mine’- Said By, Will Smith On Revealing, His Imprudent Jealousy Of Jada Pinkett Smith’s Love For Tupac

About The Interview:

On a recent interview with will smith and martin Lawrence to the breakfast club, they discussed their problem for the launch of their movie BAD BOYS 3, putting some light about their fundamental role of BUDDY cop flick.

They also discussed what would it take them to launch another part of the movie, will smith also discussed his personal life, marriage with JADA PINKETT SMITH ad also discussed his wife’s jealousy for Tupac

They have been married happily for 22 years, which is a considerable challenge in celebrities. He stated during the beginning of their relationship, the love for TUPAC gave a huge a severe break in their marriage.

The host CHARLAMAGNE THA GOD asked smith if he was disturbed with the affection JADA had for TUPAC. Answering his question, the BAD BOYS FOR LIFE STAR gave an honest opinion that yes, he was seriously jealous of the relation JADA and TUPAC had.

The Unsaid Life Story:

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“oh, FUVK, yeah. OH MY GOD, dude, Smith admitted. Will said those were the early days, and he did regret this as he didn’t interact with TUPAC. He was unclear about his relation with TUPAC. Will added they had a healthy relationship and also said they weren’t engaged in any sexual activity.

Adding to it, Jada also insisted SMITH be friends with TUPAC. He was a rapper from Philadelphia, and TUPAC was a star at that time .talking  about their marriage, the rapper turned actor said “  “It’s a different thing, and it’s so hard to let go of the characters and what people want to see.”

Overcoming The Physical Boundaries:

He also added they had tried to overcome their boundaries and will try everything to keep up with JADA. JADA, on the same, said about her earlier relationship with TUPAC in Baltimore in the year 1989, where they both had the potential to be a star in the industry.

Later she told about the demise of TUPAC in a car accident in the shooting of the film drive by. The host ran into tears; she described her relationship with Tupac. Ending the discussion, she added it was more than a relationship TUPAC was as caring as a brother to her, and it was once in a lifetime relationship.

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