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Gunman Jumped Over A McDonald’s Drive-Thru Window And Terrorized The Staff At Gunpoint

The incident took place at Houston McDonald’s on East Freeway, where a masked man climbed into the drive-in window and scared the staff before he spotted a camera and ran away from the window he came in.

Hooded Man Jumped Over

A green coloured Nissan Xterra entered the McDonald’s drive-thru window on January 6, 2020. The suspect wore a mask around his face to keep his identity secret. The man carried a gun with him to terrorize anyone who comes in his way.

The video captured in the CCTV camera footage clearly showed how the suspect jumped over the window to enter the outlet.

Houston police officials released surveillance footage where it clearly showed the man jumping over the window. He pointed a gun towards staff and squirmed out of the backseat window and leaped into the store. The worker rushed away from the scene as the gunman entered the kitchen, appearing to point a handgun towards him. Another worker crawled on the floor after he imagined after the stage.

After The ‘Crime’ Episode

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Minutes later, he looked up to a camera installed in the store and changed his reaction. His expression told that he petrified of the scene, and he fearlessly rushed through the same window he entered through. He joined the backseat of the car in the same way he leaped in, and the driver sped the vehicle away.

The suspect, along with his driver, rushed away from the restaurant leaving behind no clue but a surveillance video in which he appeared in a mask, which turned out more difficult for the officials to search for the criminal.

Investigators’ Request

Houston police and investigation officials are looking for a masked shooter and the driver of the car, which, according to the media, shows the driver’s side headlight and passenger side fog light out.

An award of $5,000 has been announced on the individual who successfully reports about the suspects to the Crime Stoppers’ officials.


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