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Garbage, Garbage Everywhere And Not A Morsel To Eat: Boy Gets Rescued From House That Turned Into A Rubbish Bin

A seven-year-old was found living under extremely unhygienic conditions in his home in Leicester. Both parents of the unfortunate lad are addicted to heroin and took no measures to provide him with a minimum clean-living condition. His miserable condition came to light only when authorities noticed that he had not attended school for half the year. The boy was rescued from his garbage dump of a house by the police.

Scene At The Leicester Residence

The place was piled with garbage and filth everywhere and naturally became the habitat of flies and mice. Officers found needles all over it, and the walls were covered with human feces. The site exuded a disgusting smell when the officers reached. One of them was on the verge of throwing up. There was mold creeping in places, and the kitchen was packed with rotten food.

Condition Of The Boy

The boy was looked after by his grandmother, but after her death, his responsibility came down to his parents, who, as is evident, did a horrible job. When the police found him, they realized that his clothes had not been changed for quite some time, he didn’t even have his underwear on. This shows the degree of negligence on the part of the parents. The little one had no food in his stomach and no toys to play with. He informed his rescuers that he had been alive on some remaining cookies. There was no other food for him, and he remained hungry for days. He still finds it difficult to differentiate between the two parts of the day. After this traumatic experience, flies seem terrifying to the child. The child required medication for worms but luckily had no other medical problems.

Leicester Crown Court’s Decision

The father of this child had spiraled into drug abuse after suffering from multiple bereavements. The mother stayed there solely because she had no other place to go to. They have both been given a jail sentence for ten months. They have received a suspension for 18 months, and have to undergo drug rehabilitation for one year. The parents have admitted having partaken in child cruelty by negligence. The boy is now under foster care.

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