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Folks In The Cooper: Young Area Of Midtown Memphis Are On Guard After A Teenager Beaten By A Group Of Boys Terrorizing On Bicycles

This story is from MEMPHIS, Tenn. The Police officers in the Cooper-Young area of Midtown Memphis are on guard. The Police got into action after a teenager was beaten in the town. A group of boys on bicycles beat him.

Victim filled the police re. This incident happened on Sunday around 4:30 p.m. Even more disturbing scene was, police believe the 16-year-old was attacked at random. But in response neighbors think this group is terrorized before too.

The Words By Jelene Love:

(I) saw several kids here before too recounted witness Jolene Love. A kid was on the ground, scuffling down. I yelled, hey hey real loud, which stopped it. They got on the bikes, scurried off fastly.

Jolene Love lives on Elzey Avenue where the assault of the victim took place. She saw a group of 5 to 6 teen boys on bikes riding roughly. They peddled away after beating up the 16-year-old, who was walking by the roads.
One kid was over him says, Love.

The ProofReading Of The Incident:

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A neighbour showed me a video of the tail end of this assault that took place. The video shows the victim being pummeled by another boy, according to him, over $20. The victim told Memphis police, one boy asked for a dollar, which he gave out to them. They saw he had $20 and demanded that too.

When he refused to give, they tried to rob him. They also said that they would kill him. Neighbours shared pictures are stills from a resident’s Ring camera. The camera has captured the incident.

The teen in the yellow and black jacket stands out to me said, Mollie Riggs. Riggs says there was more than one victim that day to face this issue. The same group harassed the couple on the same day. These neighbours and the communities would like to see a Skytop camera. This will add protection to their streets.

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