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Dog The Bounty Hunter’s New Girlfriend’s Depressed Son Tried Robbing Dead Grandmother’s Ashes To Sell On eBay

Dog, the Bounty Hunter, was left alone when his wife died, but he is reportedly dating his son’s ex-wife. The new lady love in his life is Moon Angell, and she has been acquainted with the Chapman family for so long.

He and Moon have seen each other for so long. Dog’s late wife Beth Chapman passed away in June 2019 after a long battle with throat cancer. She and Dog were married for 13 years. After her death, he met Moon, and they have seen each other since then.

But the drama in the family is not coming to an end and is getting messy day by day. Dog’s new girlfriend’s son Justin Bihag tried to steal her Beth’s ashes, who is the late ex-wife of Dog the Bounty Hunter after she passed away over the summer.

Duane And Beth Are Not Justin’s Real Uncle And Aunty:

Dog’s daughter Lysa Chapman claims Justin Bihag wanted to see Beth Chapman’s ashes on eBay to earn a profit. Although Justin called Duane and Beth, “Uncle and Aunty,” but he isn’t a blood relative of them.

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Lyssa Chapman accused Justin Bihag of harassing her family and even tried to steal Beth’s ashes from the family home to sell on eBay. According to the reports, Moon’s son is a drug addict and has a long rap sheet, but he has denied all the accusations.

Justin Bihag Was Suffering From Depression:

According to the reports, Justin Bihag had a drug problem which lasted for some time. He even lost custody of his child, and because of all this, he even fell into depression. Justin worked with the family for years, and he left the show after season 6 in 2011. Justin Bihag has also been accused of burglary at Dog and Beth’s Colorado store earlier in August. Justin stole various valuable items that belonged to Beth.



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