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Death Of A Missing Schaumburg Woman: Body Ascertained In The Trunk Of Her Car

Sureel Dabbawala, a 34-year-old woman, had been listed. As an endangered missing person after she failed to return to her family home on December 30. According to a community alert issued by the Schaumburg Police Department. Sgt. Karen McCartney stated that she was “endangered” because of the medication she required.

The officers were called to the 200 Block of North Kilpatrick Avenue in West Garfield Park at about 8:30 p.m. after private investigators hired by Dabawala’s family, to find her, located her white 2011 Lexus sedan parked there.

Car Trunk, Remould To Grave:

Dabbawala’s father arrived at the location with the keys to the vehicle when he received a phone call from the private investigators that were hired by the Dabbawalas. When he opened the trunk, he was shocked to find Dabbawala there, wrapped in a blanket, unresponsive.

It was more shocking that the woman was found dead inside the trunk of her car.

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On Tuesday morning, the medical examiner’s office identified and confirmed Sureel Dabbawala, of the 1400 block of Sandburg Drive in Schaumburg who was listed as an endangered missing person as the same woman found in the 200 Block of North Kilpatrick Avenue.

A Big Puzzle, Murder Or Suicide?:

Is it a murder or a suicide case? The case is still a mystery. Chicago police are still investigating the case to find out the details of the happenings.

What made her disappear suddenly? Did a known individual victimize her, or was she murdered by someone she already knew? A lot of chaos in the case has made it more critical to solving.

The only thing left with her parents is the melancholy of the loss of a daughter. If ever you feel you are endangered, it’s better to reach a safe place nearby and contact someone to come and help you.

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