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Cop Threatens To Arrest Players Smoking Indoors, In Return Odell Smacks Cop On Ass

The after-party of football players, was quite legendary after LSU pounded Clemson to cap off a 15-0 Monday night at the super done in New Orleans. There was an ample number of reasons to party, but not everyone was on board for the party. After all, the Tigers played a fantastic game against Clemson, winning 42-25. Joe Burrow and Odell Beckham Jr were caught smoking a Fat Stogie. After he threw for 463 yards and five touchdowns and added fifty-eight rushing yards and a rushing TD as well, Burrow was named MVP. He was well deserved to gain that name.

Cop Threatens To Arrest Players Smoking Indoors, In Return Odell Smacks Cop On Ass

Videos went  viral of fans celebrating

The fans, too, had a sight for sore eyes after Tiger’s victory. They turned Bourbon street as if it’s their playground, let their hair down spilling at the bar all night long.

Players got too wild; cops showed up

Surprisingly, The celebration party got so intense that police had to interrupt and threaten the tiger’s players to put a stop on them. They were warned of threatening arrest if they would not have stopped smoking indoors. But it looked like they hardly cared as their bayou bash did not slow down. They were on cloud nine and organized a dance battle, too, in the middle of Cigar smoking in the LSU’s locker room. Soon they were going wild. A cop told hold everyone that they are subject to arrest, and this time he is deadly serious, but everybody laughed it off.  Obj smacked up a police officer from behind, on his ass.

OBJ doing a cash celebration;  video holds the proof

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OBJ whipped out a stack of cash right on the Superdome field as a video went viral last night. however, LSU reps say it was fake.

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