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Cold-Blooded Babysitters Forces 2-Year-Old To Inhale From Vaping Device For Snapchat, Toddler Collapses Coughing

On January 9, a video surfaced on the social media platform Snapchat featuring a two-year-old boy. The toddler was seen with a vaping device. After the boy inhaled what is believed to contain nicotine, he began coughing violently and fell on the ground. In the background, a female voice could be heard, and the owner seemed very amused and continued laughing.

Not The Way To Babysit

On Thursday evening, the child was under the supervision of a 17-year-old babysitter along with another female companion who was 18. Instead of preventing the child from placing the vaping device into his mouth, they rather enjoyed the show. They filmed the child’s activities and put it up on Snapchat for fun.

The Troop A, Indiana Criminal Investigation Unit began an investigation after an anonymous tip was dropped at the youth violence prevention program, Safe2Say. The Pennsylvania State Police looked into the matter. They mentioned that the child went into a coughing fit after inhaling from the device, but did not show any other visible effects. They added that the vaping device used in the particular incident probably contained three percent nicotine, but not THC.

Response From The Mother

The boy’s mother was in utter disbelief. She failed to comprehend how the caretakers allowed such an article to get within reach of a child. After the incident, her trust remains shaken; perhaps it will be difficult for her to assign the task of looking after her kid to anyone in the future.

Prank Played Wrong

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Superintendent Dr. Barbara Parkins from the United School District of Armagh, Pennsylvania, shared the recent updates on the case on Sunday. She stated that the United administration had been made aware of the video, and the matter is being investigated. The names of the concerned students have been handed over to the authorities.
The investigators had conveyed the information to the child’s parents and have notified the Children and Youth Services. The investigation is still ongoing. The accused are facing charges of Endangering Welfare of Children.

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