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A Women Dropped By Redskins Player Found Dead At Emergency Room, Autopsy Clears Out The Reasons Of Her Death

This is regarding the death of women after she was left at the emergency room of the hospital by a Redskins Player. This article covers up all the facts and behind stories of the crime scene.

Found Dead at Emergency room :

The victim is a 21-year-old girl named Julia Crabbe. She was dropped in front of the hospital by a famous redskin player. Medical reports stated that she had large doses of fentanyl in her system. After a moment, she was dead medical reports came up saying that Julia Crabbe was killed as she was intoxicated with large doses of fentanyl.

Reports From Police Officers :

The manner of death of Julia Crabbe is an accident. Though it was an accident, there are reports that before she was dropped off in the emergency room, she stayed at Nicholson’s house. Nicholson, along with his friend, dropped her at the emergency room unconscious. So there is a strong suspicion of their involvement in her death. Crabbe was unresponsive when she was dropped off at the hospital by Nicholson and another man. She had been at Nicholson’s home in Ashburn before she was dropped off. After thorough investigation, pills, marijuana, drug residue in foil, an iPhone, and a notebook were found at Nicholson’s house.

Further investigation is going on. But from all this, it is clear that Nicholson is responsible for intoxicating Julie Crabbe with Fentanyl and leading for her death. It is drastic to here such events where the victim is not exactly responsible for her death. Though it may not be directly, some long affair may lead her choosing a company of Nicholson. So proper investigation to uncover the total facts of this crime. After collecting all the proves, it will be strict action taken upon Nicholson for his role in her death.

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