A convicted killer who was 17. When he fatally beat a person. During the violence, the incident will need to wait a couple of more years to become eligible for parole. A state court panel guaranteed that by upholding a replacement 35-year to a life prison sentence imposed on Roberto Gonzalez Jr.

Information Of The Accused

Gonzalez, 48, of Reading, originally was sentenced. To life in prison without parole for the October 1990 slaying of Joby Cipolla in Berks County.

Statement Of The Investigators

Investigators said, Gonzalez. Who was drunk and high after attending a celebration, and three other teens punched and kicked Cipolla, who fell to the bottom. Gonzalez then beat the injured man with a wooden pickaxe handle so violently that it smashed a hole in Cipolla’s skull the dimensions of a ball.

Roberto Gonzalez Jr.

Cipolla died of massive head injuries. A jury of the County convicted Gonzalez of first-degree murder in July 1990.

His new sentence is essentially what county prosecutors sought. Gonzalez urged Parisi to resentence him to twenty-eight years to life, which might have made him eligible for immediate parole.

The Opinion Of The State Court

In the opinion of the state court, they continuously denying Gonzalez’s appeal for a long time, Senior Judge John L. Musmanno concluded Parisi’s brief explanation about the record and the justification for the new sentence was sufficient.

Parisi heard an extensive hard testimony over them from multiple parties over there, including individuals who spoke to Gonzalez’s intelligence, adjustment to his prison life, work done while in prison, and his plans to become a productive citizen upon his release, Musmanno noted that. Musmanno cited Parisi’s statement that he factored all those elements into the resentencing during a case “that is replete with tragedy.”


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