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50 Cents Acclaimed Son Was Bullied And Injured At School, After Knowing His Rift With The Rapper

This is regarding a case of intense bullying that happened to a kid studying at school when he was known to be close to a rapper. This article covers up all the facts and inside stories of this case.

All started here :

When on Instagram, a famous rapper,50 cents posted a picture of the kid, Davian is saying that he was my kid. It was a sensation. After a few weeks, he removed the image and clarified that he was like the son he wants. He was not my biological son, but I treat him as my son. I just met him, and he was a lot interesting. He is shaking and crying, looking at me. He is exactly how my older son I wanted to be. So he was like my son.

Her mother’s raised voice :

Davian’s mother, Myasia Dickerson, stated that there was a lot of bullying of my child in the school. After they have known him as close to 50 cents, they have made him a toy. They used to beat him, bully him constantly.

They bullied him badly :

Once there was even an incident where one child was beating him from the back. Then she refrained from the attack and ran away. Then she thumped him at his head and even hit him to the bench. Yet once when he was being beaten, he searched for the security guard, but he failed. Then the student hit him to the floor carelessly. This caused severe injuries to his head and back. Malaysia Dickerson strictly offended the school management for not providing a safe environment.

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She further states that any parent expects a pleasant environment in the school with no bullying and attacks. She also sues a teacher as she did not provide him with the classroom saying don’t stay here, I have a class now. Even she claimed that the principal let all the school safety officers go to lunch at the same time. So there is no proper security, even in school. The family’s attorney Sanford Rubenstein says any parent expects a safe environment at school. But if there is violence against the child, then the whole school is only responsible for such damages to the child.

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