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27-Year-Old Bandit From Miami Stole $175,000 Using Fake ATM Cards And Stolen IDs, Sentenced For 3 Years

Dean Emmanuel Colin, a 27-year-old bandit from Florida, stole $175,000 using fake ATM cards and stolen IDs in Massachusetts and Rhode Island sentenced for three years in federal prison.

Cash-Out By The Mugger

Colin, a 27-year-old man from Florida, stole IDs and ATM cards to fleece cash of nearly $175,000. Colin was seized outside of a Santander Bank branch office by Seekonk, Massachusetts Police, on May 23, 2019. He was allegedly withdrawing a large amount of cash with repeated transactions using multiple cards. The security officials were observing the man through the hidden camera inside the ATM. They quickly notified the United States Secret Service about the scam done by a suspicious man.

The Secret Service alerted the Seekonk police about the happening. Police officials steered for the bank and captured the individual.

Story Of Colin

According to the investigation report, Dean Emmanuel Colin stayed in Boston in a rented hotel room and spent the next two days driving around southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

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He ceased around certain ATMs and attempted to use the phoney cards he had for around 170 times. His target was to steal approximately $290,000 but ended up taking only $174,660 since his trick worked only 112 times.

What The Police Acquired And Aftermath-

Officials said to the media that when Colin was arrested, he had nine ATM cards with him. They also acquired additional bank cards and hotel room keys. When the officials search Colin’s hotel room, they found the sweatshirt he wore during the crime, as seen in the surveillance video.

U.S Postal inspectors and Secret Service agents acquired a search warrant for a conglomeration sent by Colin from Warwick, Rhode Island, to his residence in Miami. The package carried a cereal box and several plastic bags. It had nearly $48,500 in cash and had the name of an accomplice. Colin will be in a trial period for three years.

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