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Slumber Leads To Death: A Homeless Man Seeking Shelter From Rains Gets His Head Smashed Over By The Truck He Was Sleeping Under

A homeless man fell asleep under a truck, which became the cause of his death. Michael Landon Jacob, 38 lost his life on Monday at 5:09 am in the rear parking lot of Food Lion at 110 E, FairField Road near a grocery store.

Michael was taking a nap under the truck when, after some time. He got ran over by the same vehicle, which ended up smashing his head and subsequent death on the spot itself. This case was reported to the police was an onlooker who said that the driver kept on driving on Brentwood Street. The driver was oblivious to what had happened.

Deceased Sought Relief From Rains Under The Truck

Police officials found Jacob lying in a sleeping position wrapped under several blankets on the parking lot. As a result of being run over by the truck, he has gotten a severe head injury, which led to his death. The concerned authorities believe that the man sought shelter from the rain by crawling under the truck.

This case has very well brought the state of helplessness of homeless people living in the vicinity.

The Truck Responsible for Michael’s Death Found

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The police managed to find the truck which ran over the deceased older man. At 11:05 am, when the authorities returned to the site, they found the Vehicle with its driver there. The truck is a 2015 Freightliner, which has been driven by Christy Casey, 45.

The officials talked to the driver and said that Cassey has been extremely cooperative. Since the driver was not aware of the situation and the fact that a person in flesh and blood was sleeping under the truck makes her stand more rigid in this case. No charges expected to be filed against her, as mentioned by the police officials and authorities.

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